L’antic teatre

You know those places that you misjudge at first glance and then kick yourself after for having been so wrong?  Antic Teatre is one of those places for me.  It’s about 5 minutes from home and I must have walked past about 50 times before ever wandering in.  You can maybe see why in the photo below, the sign says it’s a theatre and all you can see from the street is a set of stairs. The soft roar of conversation and laughter that float down to street level had piqued my interest, but I never ventured in.

That was until spring of this year when a recommendation from someone sent us up those stairs. All I can say is I’m sad I missed an entire summer on what is one of the best terraces in all of Barcelona.  It’s nestled between four buildings and manages to stay relatively cool on even the hottest of days thanks to the tree it has been built around. I’ve not been in the morning but I imagine it’s a great place to start with a coffee.  The late afternoon and evening is when it really starts to fill up, especially on weekends.  I love that every available perch will be taken up, even the stairs, and no one really cares.  The staff are chill but still efficient (a slight rarity around here) and seem unflappable even when the queue for a beer is 10-15 people deep.

As this chapter of our time in Barcelona winds down (5 weeks left!) this is the kind of place I want to make the most of. It’s sort of emblematic about what I love about Barcelona: a relaxed way of life in a climate that allows you to enjoy a terrace for more than half the year.  I could imagine living here forever.


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