Montserrat (the hard way)

As part of our ongoing hiking around Catalunya, we went to Montserrat last weekend, but this time we went the hard way.  It wasn’t our intended hike of the day but we are somehow destined to never hike from Olesa de Montserrat to Montserrat proper. Twice we have taken the train there only to be met with unforeseen circumstances that prevented us from hiking.  As an aside, it’s a lovely town with a decent cafe that is open Sunday mornings. The 2nd time we were more determined and simply hopped back on the train going one more stop to Aeri de Montserrat and went in search of a trail head I had briefly read about. Should you ever want to find it, cross the bridge from the train station to the highway, turn right and carry on until you see buildings on the left side. Carefully dart across the autopista and a nicely marked trail awaits you.

The trail in question is the Cami de les aigües which roughly follows the water run off for the mountain. It climbs the same distance as the Aeri de Montserrat in about 2.5kms and offers even better views.There’s a map at the level of the monastery listing showing destinations that can be reached from here, all on well marked trails.  We opted for easy and climbed the last few hundred meters along a (mostly) paved trail to the lookout at the top of the Funicular de Sant Joan. The beauty of hiking in Montserrat is that if you choose to hike up, you have the fantastically lazy option of not hiking down.  We descended by way of the funicular and cremallara which was a fine treat indeed.  A few more photos here.


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