PS: We went to Florence

The days and weeks are sliding by and somehow it is already the 22nd of July, almost a month since I met Jamu in Florence for the weekend following the conference he was there for. I wasn’t sure how it would feel coming from a city as beautiful as Barcelona, but it was striking in so many ways.  It’s so amazingly full of artistic brilliance that some visitors are overwhelmed by it and subsequently suffer from Florence Syndrome. Thankfully we escaped without falling victims to nervous heart palpitations but I did enjoy it immensely.

Since I had been before and I am usually the driving force behind touristic outings, we did very little other than walk about and tour the occasional church while always thinking about the next cup of coffee or plate of food.  Florence is a good place for both.  We skipped most of the museums except for the Galileo museum.  A must see for anyone with even a slight interest in the history of science.

As usual, there are more photos here.


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