Life outside

A key part of Barcelona culture is public gathering.  Unlike most of North america where it’s hard to find a place to sit down outside of a park, Barcelona is filled with chairs and benches and all sorts of structures that lend themselves to public gathering.  I’m guessing it’s partly cultural in that the people here tend to be less isolated and also due to the fact that apartments are small and people like the space. Most mornings I pass along the paseo leading from Ciutadella Park to the Arc de Triomf and every time the benches are full of seniors reading their papers and generally hanging out.  One day back in April I was passing by a little later in the morning and this group of men were out playing Pétanque.  Although not everyone was playing many were somehow involved in the activity, if only by way of offering opinions and ideas.    I hope I still find reasons to go outside and enjoy my city when I’m a senior

There are a few more photos here.


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