Robbed in Barcelona

No, not us, we weren’t robbed (knock on wood).  But so many people ARE robbed in BCN that an entire website is dedicated to this topic alone:  Robbed in Barcelona.  Watch the TeleCinco footage of pickpockets in action to get some idea, while it’s in Spanish there are English translations of some of the choice quotes. The racial profiling is gratuitous but is sadly on par with seems to be the local perception of certain groups of immigrants in Barcelona.

We were warned so often about pick pockets and thieves when we arrived that it has become second nature to take precautions:  I (almost) always carry my bag with my hand on the zipper or flap,  when I put it in the front basket of the bicing I wrap the handle in such a way it can’t be grabbed easily and I never leave it hanging on the back of my chair in a restaurant.  Even so, I had become far less pre-occupied with the topic as I had developed good habits to avoid being an easy target.  After spending the better part of an hour reading that website and the associated facebook page I was back on high alert today.  It’s amazing how many people look like thieves when you’re looking for thieves.


4 thoughts on “Robbed in Barcelona

  1. Hi Jenn,
    logged into your blog after a long time not checking in. Yes, the small time thieves, pick-pocketing in Barcelona, Italy etc is known for centuries. Well hello, you never carry a purse etc or anything easy to be removed with you or on your bike.
    Our son travelled Europe several years ago, and had all his important docs, cash in a pouch under his shirt.
    Oh well, looking forward to more of your blogs.
    Cheers, Angelika

  2. I am from Barcelona. I’ve lived here all my life, except for two years in England, and I have never been robbed. My physical appearance is not what one would expect of a spaniard, but fortunately nobody has ever attempted to steal anything from me. I have travelled a lot with no problems at all. I don’t deny that the problem exists, but I think we should never “bajar la guardia” (let your guard down) as we say in Spanish.

    • I am hesitant to say it out loud but I have also not been robbed but do know many people who have. I know it’s not so epidemic as it can be made to seem but I am definitely interested in the politics around it. I think physical appearance is sometimes less important than how you carry yourself, even if you don’t look like a typical Spaniard I imagine how you navigate the city marks you as a local. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • Thanks to you Jenn. I find it interesting to have different visions of my city. Good job.

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