Dia de la Terra

A funny thing is starting to happen in that we have been here for a sufficient period of time that yearly events are starting to repeat. This past weekend weekend was the festival for Earth Day in the Ciutadella Park which is conveniently located a mere 5 minute walk from our house.  I distinctly remember happening on it last year by accident, this year I was ready with my camera.

If there was any doubt whether Barcelona is home to many hippies, this was a day to put that assumption to rest.  As it turns out, hippies are hippies pretty much the (western) world over.  They want us to do yoga, practice healing arts, not to eat meat and avoid transgenics and nuclear power.  The park was full of stalls promoting the above activities, people watching reggae performances and a mix of locals and tourists just lounging about.

After enjoying a mixed plate of Hare Krsihna food followed by a strong cortado, I wandered around taking in the sites of my favourite (and practically only) city park.

There were hippie/reggae bands.

There was more than one marching band.  This one was with the anti-transgenics folks.

There were white girls getting their African dance on.

And some really amazing slack liners.

I’m pushing myself to shoot in full manual and as a result the best series of shots I took are all overexposed, hence the heavy processing.  Still, the guy was awesome on the slack line so it’s worth looking at here with the rest of the photos from the Park.


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