Food trends

Food trends are common,it’s fashionable or at least, its availability is often subject to trends.  Some of the current ones in Barcelona are Japanese food, hamburgers and cupcakes. Coming from Vancouver, the Japanese food is anticlimatic in that the quality isn’t there or if it is, the cost is extremely high.  Burgers on the other hand, we have come to know and love, maybe next week I’ll write about Kiosko/Bacoa.  For today, we’re talking cupcakes.  A couple weekends back we made the trek up to the Eixample L’Esquerra to indulge in the treats at Cup & Cake.

It’s a lovely cafe where the owners have paid attention to the details and the experience.  The room has a retro-chic feel without being kitchy or cluttered.  Most cafes in Spain pay little attention to ambience as the average person sits just long enough to down their small coffee and then move on.

That said, the main focus is still on the offerings: cupcakes and coffee (and supposedly toast and sandwiches but really, cupcakes!).  Our friend who brought us was disappointed that there were no Red Velvet but we managed to do alright with the 6 or more flavours on offer.

In the end we kept it simple and went for one Carrot Cake and one Cinnamon Vanilla, I can highly recommend both.  Cupcakes are often disappointing in that the cake is just a dry, bland vehicle for the icing.  Here the cakes gets as much attention at the icing, it may even have been better, which is saying a lot when talking about cream cheese icing.

If you find yourself in Barcelona with me, I promise to take you there.  If you find yourself here without me, it’s worth the walk over there for the coffee alone, maybe the best cup I’ve had in Spain.  It’s a beautiful sunny day, might be time to walk in that direction.


5 thoughts on “Food trends

  1. Hey guys, I know some pretty good Japanese restaurants in Barcelona, can take you to some of them if you wish 🙂

    • Thanks, Jamu sent me the list. I’ve seen the one on Moles. our friends live across the street. Now it’s definitely time to try it out.

    • Thanks, Jamu sent me the list. I’ve seen the one on Moles. our friends live across the street. Now it’s definitely time to try it out.

  2. There is a new cupcake shop on Commercial Drive that looks very similar to this one. Personally I don’t get the cupcake fad but to each their own I suppose 🙂

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