A sort of break with tradition

Normally Jamu and I don’t buy each other Christmas gifts.  Sometimes we buy something for the house that we both want or decide to go on a little trip but generally don’t bother with it. We probably wouldn’t have done so this year either other than the fact that my dad’s flight from Ireland was cancelled (3 times) meaning we were spending our first Christmas without any family.  On the 23rd I decided that in order to feel somewhat like Christmas we should buy each other at least one thing to wrap and put under the “tree” – whereby I mean poinsettia.

I knew exactly what I wanted to get, this fancy cafetería we had seen at our neighbourhood coffee supplier.  Essentially a press style coffee maker that makes espresso strength coffee.  I grabbed that and a box of Ferrero Rocher to wrap up as well.














Jamu is especially excited by the Aeropress, maybe because he knows what I’m about to open.

We bought each other the same Christmas present(s), right down to the chocolate.  We did end up just buying something that we both wanted, we just didn’t talk about it first.


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