La Mercé

Today is the feast of La Mercé. Throughout the year every barrio, or neighbourhood, has its own Festa Mayor, the one in Gracia is probably the most well known.  They involve events and street fairs, usually some music.  La Mercé is the one for the whole of Barcelona.  Today, Friday, is the actual holiday but the festival lasts all weekend.  There are a bunch of cultural and pyrotechnic events around the city and an accompanying music festival, all free.  Last night we caught a (lacklustre) flashmob of glowing balloons in the Ciutadella park, today I saw a march of “giants” and people making human towers, tonight we’re hoping to see Goldfrapp.  Tomorrow is the Correfoc, which I’m both excited and nervous to see and if we’re lucky we’ll get to see OK Go and Belle and Sebastian at the old Estrella Damm factory.  This is a city that knows how to celebrate.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this after the weekend is over.


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