Happy Anniversary

We moved to Barcelona 6 months ago today.  It’s sort of surreal to think that we have been here for half a year.  Although it’s been quiet on the blog it’s not for lack of appreciation of the city we are currently calling home.  A visit to Vancouver in August highlighted many of the differences that I hadn’t quite taken for granted but that had certainly stopped seeming so obvious. Small things like the huge amount of public seating and the way people congregate outside here.     Or even subtler differences such as the arrangement of chairs at a table or the way an intersection of roads is oriented.  You will almost never come to a square table in Barcelona and find each side has a chair pushed up to it.  Instead, the square is oriented like a diamond with two rows of two chairs facing each other, I can’t articulate out why but it’s somehow more comfortable.  Also, Spaniards and likely Europeans in general are just generally less wasteful with resources.  The hallway light in most buildings need to be turned on, same as in most public toilets, to avoid wasting electricity.  I don’t think my washing machine even has a warm water cycle and 90% of toilets have the 2 flsuh option for more or less water.

When in Vancouver I was asked frequently what is the biggest difference between here and there.  Aside of course from being away from the people in Vancouver, I have decided the biggest difference is really the summation of all the little differences.

There’s a familiar feeling of September back-to-school ambition in the air.  After a hectic and most enjoyable summer of travel and visitors I’m looking forward to jumping on the bandwagon and getting back to sense of routine, part of which will be updating the blog again :0 and getting back to some Spanish lessons.  Oh how easily it all slips away when you’re busy having fun.


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