Do you have keys?

If pressed do you think you could break into your own home?  Last week we found out just how easy it can be  after locking the keys inside.  The door to the apartment locks automatically which means almost invariably one of us asks the other before leaving “do you have keys?”.  An apparent break down in the “system” occurred, we had briefly come home between watching a World Cup match (Ghana vs Uruguay) and heading out to a friend’s place to enjoy their rooftop terrace.  Just before closing the outer door to the building Jamu asked, “do you have key?”  Now you may be able to see where this is going…. it was just before midnight on a Friday and we had locked ourselves out of our apartment.  Luckily for us just the right circumstances were in place to allow us to “break in”.

Since we moved into this apartment there has been rotating building crews here fixing random bits of the building.  They had finished the work that same day but had not yet picked up their gear meaning there was a ladder in the space that our kitchen/living rooms window faces.    Due to the intense heat we almost never close the windows (excepting  late night cockroach induced fear), we feel OK about this as the only way to access the space where the ladder was is by going through one of two downstairs neighbours’ apartments.  Also thankfully for us I had already noticed one of our neighbours puttering around in the terrace below.

To make this long story short: our neighbour let us through, Jamu climbed the ladder, scaled some newly installed pipes, scaled the railing in front of the open window/doors and made it inside to rescue the keys.  A fair bit of excitement for a Friday night!  Needless to say we go through multiple rounds of, “do you have keys” before leaving the house these days.


4 thoughts on “Do you have keys?

  1. I had the same kind of locks in my old apartment. Thru long paranoia, I somehow managed to avoid locking myself out in the 8 years I lived there. I don’t think the rotting wood fire escape would have survived anyone climbing on it in an attempted entry.

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