Right about in line with the solstice last week someone turned on the switch for summer.   I’ve been hearing reports of the Vancouver weather so haven’t wanted to mention that we are slowly melting away.  I now understand the history of the siesta… it’s just a bit too hot to do anything mid day and despite going to bed around midnight I usually fall asleep closer to 3am.  The real problem is the humidity, not only for the obvious reasons but because it brings out the cucarachas.    We had our first unwelcome guest a couple of nights ago… it explains the bug spray under the sink when we moved in.  I’m clinging to the belief  that it flew in through our open bedroom window (before landing on Jamu’s head, uggh) and have relented to sleeping with that window closed.  Anyone with real knowledge of cucarachas please keep that to yourself and let me hold onto my delusion.  I find that if I only say cucaracha  in Spanish it doesn’t sound as bad.

On a nicer topic we celebrated the solstice with some locals by going to the beach to check out the Sant Joan festivities, or the Night of Fire as it s sometimes called.  People head to the beach around dusk to set up picnics around bonfires and watch unofficial firework displays into the night (the following day is a bank holiday).  We more so watched from the sidelines of the beach path and dodged firecrackers being thrown out of windows and by roaming groups of pre-teens.    Safety regulations are rather lax in Spain but our friends assured us it is very safe and only a few people lose fingers and hands each year.


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