Before moving to Spain I had this notion of Barcelona being a city full of people either too hip, or inherently fit, to bother with exercise.  In reality it’s a city with a moderate fitness obsession, maybe that shouldn’t have been too surprising considering how long the beach season is.  This has worked to my advantage as it’s been remarkably easy to find people who like to be active outdoors. The first order of course was to find some climbing partners, unless you’re a special breed of crazy. which I most certainly am not (another breed of crazy possibly), it’s hard thing to do alone.   All it took was posting a message on an Internet forum and many painfully translated emails later to get something together.  Lucky for me one of the guys who responded has been climbing for 30 years in the Montserrat region, it’s better than having a paid guide.  He organised a group from the disparate bunch who responded to my original message and we’ve  been to Montserrat twice.  Days out with them have the additional advantage of being a Spanish lesson for me.  If the idea of me being really high up freaks you out (Mom!) then don’t look here.

Then this past Sunday I went for  hike with a local meetup group that organises hiking and outdoor events. Since not having a vehicle can be one of the biggest barriers to getting outside, it’s fantastic that people are willing to go to the trouble to organise events like this.  The “hike” was a pretty tranquil 15km walk through the hills in the Serralda de la Marina (mostly in spanish) with ancient ruins, views of Montserrat and even better views of Barcelona (despite the smog cloud), those photos are here.

Now I just need to convince Jamu that waking up at 6:30am on weekends is worth it to get outside the city, because it turns out the only punctual people I’ve met here are the outdoorsy type.


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