I’m not trying to rub it in but summer has definitely arrived.  It’s been blue skies and temperatures in the mid 20s all week long.  It’s rather humid so although the forecast is 22°C  the weather readouts put it at 26 or 27°C.  I’ve almost accustomed myself to leave the house without a cardigan, almost.   Since the weather is rather predictable I can see where this warming trend is going and it makes me a little nervous… I fear I will soon turn into a sweaty mess while the locals continue to be unfazed by it.  Being the only one visibly affected by the weather, ie: sweating profusely, is mildly disconcerting 🙂  I conveniently have to be in Vancouver between the 7-10th of August to write an exam.  Since it’s so ridiculously expensive we’re going for 2.5 weeks which will hopefully mean we escape any 40° C days  in August and get the best that a Vancouver summer has to offer.


One thought on “Hot

  1. Buenos dias, Jenn,

    I just got back from a 13-day trip to Shanghai with my mom. Talking about weather, it was like summer to me over there. Just good enough to break a sweat. I’m glad that it didn’t get too humid. But the locals can wear jeans and the women can put on full-length pantyhose (Ugh!).

    We saw and did lots in Shanghai and in the outer cities. Of course, we had to check out Expo. Were there for 3 exhausting days. The Spain pavilion was one of the good ones. Can send you two pics later.

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