Good to be home

Wow, it’s been quiet on here.  The reason being is that we have not been adventuring in Barcelona.  We both returned last night around the same time from different European locales.  Jamu has finally returned back from 2.5 weeks in Belgium and the Isle of Man for work and I spent the last 4 days in Ireland visiting my dad.

I had forgotten just how GREEN Ireland really is.  My dad lives in the “country” by which I mean he is in the middle of rolling green hills and I would wake up looking out the window at cows in the adjacent field.  At the same time, it’s only a 25 minute drive to the Dublin airport so not far out in the country by Canadian standards.  It’s a bit of a shame I didn’t spend any time in the city of Dublin but in reality big cities are becoming more homogeneous by the second.  I enjoyed being outside of the city for a few days, taking a vacation from my “retirement”.

If you look through the photos you may notice a distinct lack of rain, unusual for those parts.  It was sunny most days and reached a high of 23° C, by Irish standards that constitutes a heat wave.  I was told it was literally the first warm weather of the year,  that could explain all the green.

All in all it was lovely to see my dad, I caught up with some family, including a cousin I had never met before, and toured around the Dublin and Wicklow mountains with their centuries old ruins.  It was interesting to fly home to Barcelona, I often refer to Vancouver as home in conversation but at some point in the past couple of months Barcelona has also become and I’m happy about that.


One thought on “Good to be home

  1. In the last few months, I’ve started referring to Mountain View, CA, as home. Very odd since I fled screaming after the worst year I could ever imagine… But I’m missing the people! So odd… I’m talking about moving “back home”, which I find very telling.

    Of course, our place in Montreal is also “home”. So… It’s strange to come out to myself as a nomad!

    Glad you’re finding home in the place you are.

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