A week in review

It’s been a pretty quiet week here for me.  I think I’m feeling the shock of going from a full apartment to kicking out jams solo.  Jamu and our lovely house guests all left very early on Wednesday morning, M&J to continue on their honeymoon part 8.7 and Jamu to Brussels for work.  It was great to have our good friends here visiting not only  to spend time with them but also to revive our roles as Barcelona tourists.  I’ve intentionally not run out to see everything there is to see in town so that I can do some of it when guests come through.  Thankfully M&J are great Vancouver troopers and the uncharacteristic May rain didn’t stop them from wanting to get out and see the city.

They arrived Saturday night and defied all logic by coming out with us to a friend’s house and the bar after travelling for more than 16 hours to get here.  This naturally led to a slow start Sunday morning but we did manage to wander the quiet streets, eat at more than one cafe and see La Pedrera, a Gaudi creation, which neither Jamu nor I had seen before.  The more Gaudi works I see the more astounded I am by the sheer volume of work he produced in his lifetime.  Sunday night we fell prey to the Kakarian whisky pour with some colleagues of Jamu’s who were in town.  I can only imagine that they were introduced to a hangover of Kakarian proportions on Monday.

Monday morning M&J braved the downpour (and the hangovers) to go see some other sites and we met in the afternoon for some churros and hot chocolate.  If you have yet to discover churros and chocolate get yourself to a Spanish speaking city and seek out this delicacy NOW!  The hot chocolate is closer to the consistency of warm chocolate pudding than warm chocolate milk.  Churros are deep fried pieces of pastry goodness, sort of like a plain sugared doughnut but not circular. Need I say more?

Tuesday we woke up early and took the train out to Montserrat.  It’s a monastery village high up on a mountain.  It’s a pilgrimage site and can be reached on foot by using the highly developed Spanish trail system.  We took the easier route and accessed it using the cable car and funiculars.   The landscape is stunning and there are about a billion climbing routes in those hills (only a slight exaggeration).  M and I drooled a little on the rock and I vowed to get back there soon and do some real climbing.  There are quite a few photos of Montserrat (and the rest of their visit) here.  I can’t wait for our next visitors.  It might be my room-mate from Dublin whom I haven’t seen since 2000!  That should be fun.


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