False friends

For native English speakers learning Spanish there are a number of words that are considered “false friends” or “falsos amigos.” A good example is the Spanish word embarazada which doesn’t mean embarrassed, but pregnant.

To celebrate Earth Day there was a weekend long celebration in the park at the end of our street.  It was your typical hippie extravangaza…  booths adevrtsising yoga, chakra healing, ecological cleaning supplies, animal resuce, etc. etc.  I could have been at the folk fest or Under the Volcanoe, exact same vibe.

The first booth that caught my eye had a big sign that read: Club Català de Naturisme.  I’ve been looking for climbing partners and I’ve been joining outdoor groups so I walked up to get a better look.  The first question the guy asked me, which he had to repeat beacause I didn’t quiet undertsand him, was, “are you a nudist?”   Huh?  It wasn’t until then that I noticed the pictures in the back of the booth were (discreet) photos of naked people out and about doing activities.

Note to self: naturisme ≠ nature group.


4 thoughts on “False friends

  1. Hmm, maybe I knew that at one point but it definitely wasn’t my first thought. I took the brochure anyways because I felt bad putting it back down and walking away.

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