Things I miss

For the most part, I don’t miss much from Vancouver other than the people there.  Last night however, I was missing my salad spinner.

While drying lettuce like this is annoying, the real reason I miss my salad spinner is captured in this video.  (I need to learn how to both edit and compress video, suggestions welcome)

If I had a salad spinner I never would have encountered that specific lettuce lover.   What’s even more interesting is that if I had found that in my lettuce in Vancouver I would probably have thrown it out and not gone back to the store where I bought it.  For some reason it doesn’t really bother me that much.  I think it’s a difference of expectation.  When I buy produce in a store flooded with fluorescent lights and shining displays I expect the produce to reflect that, meaning, to be artificially sanitary.  When I buy my produce in a market with natural lighting and where the produce doesn’t look like it’s been genetically modified into perfect shapes and sizes, I can deal with a little slug here and there.


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