Random photo update

Religious holidays are still a big deal in Spain and as such the much of the city has been closed over the weekend outside of tourist attractions and restaurants.  We spent some time wandering around taking the odd photo.  Barcelona has been the home of many notable architects, maybe that’s why there are so many interesting buildings here, even those that don’t hail from the modernisme period for which the city is famous.

People have asked about the “gerkin” esque building that can be seen in the banner photo;  it’s called the Tore Agbar.  I’ve been told that some nights the different coloured panels light up in patterns though I have yet to see it.  It’s located in the north west side of the city near to the Glories metro station.

Sunday we walked up to Parc Guell.  It was a bit over run so we didn’t stay long, just wandered around the paths in the back side for awhile before exiting through the chaos near the Gaudi attractions.  For those who haven’t been, the park is at one of high points in the city, by fluke we managed to walk one of the less steep hills to get there.

And a couple more random building shots.  The first is the main post office and the second is an unknown building in Gracia.


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