Cheap food stuffs

It took leaving Vancouver for me to realise how expensive it really is.  Admittedly eating out is more expensive in Barcelona but buying food here is generally much cheaper.  Produce, bread, cheese, meat…. it all seems to be comparably less, and often better.

We bought our first bottle of grocery store wine on the weekend.  The selection wasn’t amazing but it was passable, the prices ranged from €1.25 to €7.99.  Just to see what the low end of the spectrum is all about we bought a bottle of Catalan wine for €1.49.  Consider it the beginning of an experiment, we’ll eventually work out way through bottles at many different price points.  Oh, what I won’t do for science.

Anyway, here is a photo of what we tried.  I can assure you it was most delightful and better than many $10 bottles I’ve bought in BC Liquor stores.  Nothing too complex but good enough to make me want a 2nd glass before I had finished the first.


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