Exciting… to me at least.

It’s funny what you get accustomed to with out even realising it.  We were entertained by a three piece band of buskers on the airport train this morning.  With the exception of one other passenger I could see, we may have been the only ones who enjoyed it.  The unemployment situation is somewhat dire in Spain so it’s possible the locals are hardened to alternate attempts at earning a buck.

On my way back from the airport, I just went along for the ride really, I witnessed my first Barcelona Bag Snatch. If you haven’t seen it already, read Jamu’s post about street smarts.  It was only an attempt really but it happened right in front of me.  A group of would be thieves had somewhat discreetly surrounded a family of tourists.  They got on at a busy station so it was almost not noticeable.  Another passenger on the train must have been watching because he intervened when a girl who got on at the next set of doors ran towards this group.  He yanked her back and yelled something like “Not Here!”  which caused enough of a stir to scare them off.  Words were exchanged, she spit at the intervener’s feet and they all got off the train, possibly 4 or 5 teenagers all together.  Half the train didn’t even look up and  the guy who intervened just went back to reading his paper.

I then came across a great street rally,  marching drum band and all, promoting vegetarianism.  I took a small video but I can’t manage to load it anywhere, linux be damned.  I’ll post a picture of the pamphlet instead, it basically says: Less meat is more healthy.


2 thoughts on “Exciting… to me at least.

  1. Loving the blog!! Great way to feel a part of your adventure!! Jamu’s post about street smarts was great. I really enjoyed reading the link with all the stories of the various scams. Keep your eyes on the prize at all times!!

    Lots of love to you both.

  2. Ah, I remember stading in the barcelona airport trying to negotiate getting vegan food.

    I wound up miming a chicken laying an egg to confirm that I could not, in fact, eat Huevos.

    My Spanish is much better now. Maybe I should switch from learning Japanese to learning Spanish so I can chat with you guys. =)

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