Well, it turns out that getting your hands on large sums of your own money from abroad is both very exasperating and relatively simple.  Hopefully more on that tomorrow.

We talked about getting travellers cheques but somehow that whole process fell through the cracks.  Thank goodness for those little magic cards also known as VISAs.  I now have some advice for anyone else who is thinking about relocating to a foreign country besides the USA:  buy travellers cheques BEFORE you leave.

Canada’s banking system is reputed to be to be strictly regulated but  since I’ve had an account with the same institution since I was 9 I’ve never experienced too much red tape.  We attempted to open a bank account today.  We need to make an appointment to go back when we have all of my supporting documents; including: passports (or residency cards if we wait for that to all go through), proof of why we want an account (ie: we live here), certificate from a language school since I’m partly here to study Spanish and Jamu’s current employment contract.  I’d read about the bureaucracy in Spain but this was my first encounter with it.  Hopefully it just proves to be time consuming and not headache inducing.


2 thoughts on “Money

  1. Eh, sorry. I should’ve suggested to you that you find out which Canadian banks are operating in Spain and contact them. Doing that in the US saved us a world of hurt.

    You often have to pay a little bit more for their private banking service (and if you wind up with HSBC, you don’t want anything else), but they do things like setup bank accounts in the country *before* you get there.

    • As far as I can know, there are no Canadian banks doing business in Spain. HSBC used to but now only operate commercial/business banks here, no personal banking.

      Barclay’s has a Spain division and they have been very helpful thus far. We have a no fee account but I’m not sure what the cost will be on the Canada end for wire transfers.

      (This is Jenn, too lazy to turn on my own computer 🙂 )

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