Surrounded by boxes!

We’ve spent the last couple of days completing the packing of our house.  It’s always a funny thing.  Often with moving you end up looking at half of your possessions thinking, “Why do I have this?!”, and so it has been for us.  We’ve purged quite a bit, but there’s still quite a bit left, and really we don’t have that much stuff as it goes.  We’re heading to Spain with only the basics: clothes, computers and a Spanish/English dictionary.

The move to Spain is starting to feel a bit more real, but before that we have to move everything out of our apartment and into my parent’s basement.  Luckily we have great friends who have volunteered to help us, so I’m expecting things to go smoothly.  In other news, we have tenants for our place!  They agreed to rent a couple days ago, so it was getting close to the wire, but as usual things have a way of working themselves out.

Weeks until we leave: less than 2!


2 thoughts on “Surrounded by boxes!

  1. I know what you mean. In order to get our house ready to sell we packed a lot of our stuff into storage. Once it was all gone we started thinking our current house wasn’t so bad after all.

    There’s a few things I miss but 75%+ is totally irrelevant now that its been gone a few months. :-/ Garage sale?

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